Teen Solutions Therapy

Is your child having difficulty with self-esteem, school, peers, or family relationships?

You’re not alone. Teens and parents are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress today. Teens need extra guidance to ensure that they eat, sleep, exercise, stay focused on school, and spend time with family and appropriate peers. They also need to consider future goals and plans while having a balanced life.

As a parent you might be seeking preventive measures and a trustworthy adult mentor, or you may be dealing with your teen’s anxiety, depression, drug or media use, cutting or eating disorders.

Regardless of the issues that brought you here, you’re concerned about your child’s well-being. We’ve supported hundreds of Marin families who’ve wanted to help their child but don’t know how.

 As teen therapy experts and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we can answer your questions about raising your adolescent. Through creating a collaborative relationship with both you and your teen, we foster safety, connection and growth within your family.

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Teen Solutions Therapy
Marin County

Therapist as Mentor: Leadership for Teens

The essence of leadership is inspiration. We all yearn to be inspired, to have the flame of our own passion ignited by someone who believes in us.  Embodied leadership provides this inspiration.  Parents and mentors hold a valuable leadership role. A good parent or mentor inspires through cultivating a teen’s potential, while continually cultivating their own.

Of course, a coach or teacher can fill this role, but as therapists, we have the privilege of going even deeper and seeing a teen’s inner world.  We have the opportunity to guide them in developing their identity and creating healthy family and peer relationships.  This is especially true for adolescents who are rapidly learning, growing and looking to adults for guidance and leadership.

However, the most important adults in their lives are their parents. As a parent you have a crucial window of opportunity to influence your teenager before they leave home. You are the answer to your teen’s challenges. We can help you understand and connect with your teen to inspire them to make healthy choices.

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