Alcohol Use

Teen Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a powerful, mood-altering drug that is toxic to brain development. It’s especially dangerous for teens since they underestimate the risks and don’t know their limits. Teen alcohol abuse is a real problem in today’s society. In a recent survey, only 56% of eighth graders and 43% of high school seniors said they thought drinking heavily once or twice a weekend was a great risk. However, consequences are real, especially since teens lack the judgment and coping skills to handle alcohol.

Teens who use alcohol are more likely to become sexually active earlier, have intercourse and have unprotected sex more often; be victims of violent crime, including rape, assault, and robbery; and have problems with school performance and behavior at home.

Alcohol-related traffic accidents are a major cause of death and disability among teens, and alcohol is linked to deaths by drowning, fire, suicide, and homicide.

Teen alcohol abuse severely impacts brain development, scholastic performance and cognitive functioning …read more

Teens who begin drinking before 15 years old are 4 times more likely to be dependent on alcohol as adults than those who wait until age 21.

The message is clear: Alcohol use is risky for youth. The longer children delay alcohol use, the less likely they are to develop problems associated with it, which is why it is so important for you to help your child avoid any alcohol use.


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Parties in Your Home

Social Host ordinances have been passed throughout Marin County to prevent adults from serving alcohol to minors in their homes. These new laws empower parents to set limits and protect the lives of youth who don’t yet know how to protect themselves. To support parents to uphold this law, Teen Solutions Youth Services in Marin collaborated with the Youth Addiction Prevention Coalition to create the Parent Pledge.

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