Teen Bulimia

By the time girls in Marin reach middle school, many believe they are fat and have already attempted to lose weight even if they are thin. We live in a culture of perfection where teen girls want to look good in order to be valued and fit in. Because this has become such common behavior, it’s important to know the actual symptoms of eating disorders like bulimia.

Bulimics engage in a secret cycle of bingeing and purging. Bingeing is a compulsive consumption of large amounts of food in a short period of time. Purging is an attempt to rid the body of the calories from bingeing. Some forms of purging are: over-exercise, use of laxatives, diuretics, Ipecac, vomiting, fasting, or diet pills.

Treatment for Bulimia

Treatment of bulimia, as with all eating disorders, can be challenging. Effective treatment addresses the underlying emotional and mental health issues. Our treatment approaches help a person with bulimia break their unhealthy pattern of eating — the binging and purging cycle. Treatment will also help a person with bulimia understand how their own negative self-image impacts their eating behavior.

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Bulimia symptoms may include:

Abnormal bowel functioning
Damaged teeth and gums
Swollen salivary glands in the cheeks
Sores in the throat and mouth
Dry skin
Irregular heartbeat
Sores, scars or calluses on the knuckles or hands
Menstrual irregularities or loss of menstruation (amenorrhea)

Emotional and behavioral symptoms may include:

Constant dieting
Inability to control eating behavior
Eating until the point of discomfort or pain
Self-induced vomiting
Laxative use
Excessive exercise
Unhealthy focus on body shape and weight
Having a distorted, excessively negative body image
Going to the bathroom after eating or during meals
Hoarding food
Depression or anxiety

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