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Marijuana, drug and alcohol experimentation is common in adolescence. According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, 52% of eighth graders and 80% of high-school seniors have used alcohol at some time. Drug and alcohol use and abuse in Marin is higher than California or National averages. The National average for binge drinking is 4%, California is 7%, while the average for Marin is 17%.

Media abuse among teens has become extremely prevalent. This behavior has many consequences including the negative impact on a young person’s sleep cycle and their brain development They are also less likely to engage directly with others or participate in physical activities. As with other addictions, they can become isolated and irritable without realizing it.
Teen Solutions treats each individual in a safe and supportive way while determining the level of care needed. We offer a variety of services to address substance and media abuse. Educational consulting is available when referrals are required (i.e. boarding school, inpatient treatment for marijuana, drug or alcohol abuse, and eating disorders.) We provide coaching and mentoring when your child returns home from treatment and family support while they are away.

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Drug & Media Abuse Signs at Home

Loss of interest in family activities
Disrespect for family rules
Withdrawal from responsibilities
Verbally or physically abusive
Sudden increase or decrease in appetite
Disappearance of valuable items or money
Not coming home on time
Not telling you where they’re going
Constant excuses for behavior
Spending a lot of time in their room
Lies about activities
Finding: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, roach clips, small glass vials, bongs, plastic baggies, remnants of drugs (seeds, etc.)


Drug & Media Abuse Signs at School:

Sudden drop in grades
Loss of interest in learning
Sleeping in class
Poor work performance
Not doing homework
Defiant with authority
Bad attitude towards sports or other activities
Reduced memory and attention span
Not informing you of meetings, open houses, etc.


Physical and Emotional Signs:

Changes friends
Smell of alcohol or marijuana on breath or body
Unexplainable mood swings and behavior
Negative, paranoid, confused, destructive, anxious
Over-reacts to criticism, acts rebellious
Sharing few, if any, of their personal problems
Overly tired or hyperactive
Drastic weight loss or gain
Unhappy and depressed
Cheats, steals
Always needs money or has excessive money
Sloppiness in appearance

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