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Teen Media Abuse

Many teens in Marin County have constant access to cell phones, video games and computers and don’t know how to regulate their own use. It’s common for them to stare at a screen for hours at a time. This media abuse behavior has many consequences including a negative impact on a their sleep cycle and brain development.

Staring at computers and televisions releases the same neurotransmitters that are stimulated during drug use and can become an obsessive, habitual behavior that is difficult to overcome in adulthood. Other resulting problems can include: obesity from lack of physical activity, decreased attention span and heightened sensitivity and anxiety in response to environmental stress.

Doing too many things at once — talking on the phone and “IM”ing while trying to do their homework—impedes academic performance and keeps teens feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. This makes it challenging to create and sustain meaningful interpersonal relationships, especially with their families.

Teens need to learn to regulate their desires and impulses in order to become healthy adults. Without external limits, they become distracted and unable to focus or follow through with tasks. They need their parents and other adults to set balanced guidelines that create positive habits before it becomes addictive.

At Teen Solutions we offer Individual Mentoring & Therapy guiding your teen to change their beliefs and behavior. With Parent Coaching & Consulting we teach you to connect with your teen and help them mature.

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