Parents Coaching

Parent Coaching and Family Counseling

Raising a teen can be a trying experience. Many parents wonder how their child changed so dramatically. We provide a supportive place for parents to evaluate their situation and lead their teen in a healthy direction.

Teens need a strong foundation to be successful. They need a safe environment and people they can count on. Parent coaching supports parents to provide positive input, clear boundaries, and realistic expectations.

Parents and teens often have a difficult time talking to each other. Because we understand each person’s experience, we can bridge the communication gap and create new connections between family members.

We offer family therapy to heal the places where bonds have been broken and support is required. The most resistant teen can transform with the right therapy and direction.

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Teen Solutions Therapy
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Teen Groups

Teen Boys Program
Get the support you need to help raise your teenage son. Here is an overview of the elements of our program.
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Teen Boys Team
This team helps teen boys grow up through positive mentoring. Support your son to get the guidance he needs to become respectful, confident and responsible.
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Adult Groups

R.I.G.H.T. Men's Team
This team helps fathers become confident, successful and trustworthy. Join us for physical activity, mental clarity and honest feedback. Take your game to the next level!
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