Teen Girls


Raising Teenage Girls

Adolescence is a critical time for girls since they are rapidly developing in all areas. With the right mentoring, teen girls flourish and become happy, productive women. Without the acceptance and direction they need, they may become self-destructive, turning to media abuse, pot, prescription drugs, alcohol, and food to soothe their anxiety and low self-esteem.

Teen girls are learning to trust their own judgment and perceptions so they can make healthy choices. They need someone to normalize what they are going through and help them handle these changes.

As adults, we have a sacred opportunity to guide them in a positive direction. If we know how to connect, we can teach them how to deal with sex, drugs and alcohol, peers, school, and their changing bodies. Since girl’s bodies are maturing at an earlier age than before, parents face a situation in which 12 year olds have to make decisions about sexual behavior.

Counseling Teen Girls

Often parents don’t feel comfortable talking to their daughters about sex or other important personal issues. However, teen girls are not equipped to make responsible decisions on their own and need to talk to someone they trust like a counselor or mentor. In the absence of this direction, they learn from their peers or the internet and miss out on the valuable life experience an adult can provide.

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Teen Solutions Therapy
Marin County

Signs that your teen needs counseling:

Over-reaction to minor setbacks
Blaming others for mistakes
A sense of entitlement
Low motivation or underachievement
Anxious mood
Perfectionism or inflexible thinking
Loss of interest in activities
Poor sleeping habits
Social problems or alliance with negative peer group
All-consuming relationships
Feelings of worthlessness, guilt or sadness
Issues with eating or with body image
Problems with authority and disrespectful behavior
Manipulation, lying, cheating, and stealing
Defiance, hostility, short temper
Little empathy for others
Substance abuse or dependence
Sexual promiscuity
Addiction to internet, video games or cell phone
Isolation, limited engagement with others

Benefits of Teen Solutions Therapy:

Increase Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Physical health through sobriety and exercise
Personal responsibility and accountability
Ability to resolve problems at school
Increased respect for self and others
Cooperation with authority figures
Involvement in extra-curricular activities
Happier and healthier family dynamics
Initiative to find and keep a job
Ability to enjoy others and make a contribution
Increasing academic success

3 Women FriendsThe Magic of Girls

What is it about girls that’s so special?  Is it the effervescent spirit of innocence and fresh enthusiasm for new life and deeper connections?  The spark of a happy girl is undeniable at any age, but especially in adolescence.

At their best, they are bright, unpredictable and honest, refreshingly uncensored.  At their worst, they are surly, superficial, and mean. Like all humans, teen girls exhibit a full range of characteristics.  But what determines if a girl spends more time feeling warm and light or cold and dark?  It’s the condition of her relationships and how she feels about herself, and these are certainly connected.

The selfie above was taken of my friends and me at a women’s yoga retreat. Here I felt safe, nurtured and connected and the best of me came through. I was surrounded by women who supported me and we were all there for the same reason – to love ourselves more.

Nothing is more important to a girl than feeling loved and accepted.  Nothing makes her happier than being with her friends and feeling included.

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