Teenage Counseling

Counseling and Mentoring

As we get to know your teen and understand your family’s needs, we provide counseling, direction, and useful recommendations. We assess your teen’s level of functioning in four major areas:

Education/Career – We look at a teen’s grades, job experience, goals, and family expectations. Depending on where they are in the process, we counsel teens to adjust to high school, find jobs or volunteer work, and prepare for college.

Social Relationships – We address all relationships and how they are supporting a teen’s success and self-esteem. We counsel teens to create healthy friendships with trustworthy peers. We ensure that peer influence is balanced with the needs of the family.

Family Life – We are interested in the impact of the teen’s behavior on the family and vice-versa. We also explore the teen’s and family’s strengths, hopes, expectations, and values. We find where relationships can be strengthened to bring the family together.

Emotional Well-Being – We thoroughly assess your teen’s emotional and psychological state so that the source of their challenges can be directly addressed. Youth often isolate, act out or make poor decisions due to anxiety, depression, substance abuse or eating disorders.

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Teen Solutions Therapy
Marin County

Signs that your teen needs counseling:

Over-reaction to minor setbacks
Blaming others for mistakes
A sense of entitlement
Low motivation or underachievement
Anxious mood
Perfectionism or inflexible thinking
Loss of interest in activities
Poor sleeping habits
Social problems or alliance with negative peer group
All-consuming relationships
Feelings of worthlessness, guilt or sadness
Issues with eating or with body image
Problems with authority and disrespectful behavior
Manipulation, lying, cheating, and stealing
Defiance, hostility, short temper
Little empathy for others
Substance abuse or dependence
Sexual promiscuity
Addiction to internet, video games or cell phone
Isolation, limited engagement with others

Benefits of Teen Solutions Therapy:

Increase Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Physical health through sobriety and exercise
Personal responsibility and accountability
Ability to resolve problems at school
Increased respect for self and others
Cooperation with authority figures
Involvement in extra-curricular activities
Happier and healthier family dynamics
Initiative to find and keep a job
Ability to enjoy others and make a contribution
Increasing academic success

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